The Libraryman Award

Open Call for Submissions: Libraryman Award 2019

We are pleased to announce The Libraryman Award, an annual photobook prize for unpublished works by photographers and artists.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must consist of one digital folder including a large selection of low-resolution images as one body of work. Any other form of submissions, such as PDFs or book dummies, will not be considered.

Not required: you may include a text document within the submission folder with a title and a brief description of the project. Please make sure your contact details are clear. Submitted materials without a description of the project or title will still be considered.

All submissions must be unpublished. Self-published projects will be considered.

Multiple projects are allowed to be submitted. Submission fee per project is EUR 50.

Submissions must be received between 1 January – 1 March 2019.

Upload submissions by WeTransfer to Transfer the submission fee of EUR 50 per project by PayPal to When submitting multiple projects, state the names of all submitted projects when transferring the total amount of the submission fees.

For participants within the EU: please provide your national VAT number, if having one.

Libraryman will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to digital folders submitted. The submission fee is non-refundable.

The Libraryman Award

From all submitted projects the judges will shortlist five projects, from which a single project will be appointed as the winner to be published by Libraryman in Fall 2019.

The winning project will be edited and designed by Tony Cederteg, in consultation with the author, and further released and distributed worldwide as a part of the Libraryman catalogue.

The Libraryman Award is supported by Göteborgstryckeriet and Arctic Paper.

The Jury

Ron Jude

Ron Jude’s photographs, which often explore the nexus between place, memory and narrative, have been exhibited widely since 1992. His depiction of financial districts across North America (Executive Model, 2012) and the imagination of his grandfather’s daydreaming as a kiln operator in an industrial plant (Vitreous China, 2016), equally share a penetrative and poetic force, and were respectively published by Libraryman. Jude lectures extensively and internationally about his work and is an associate professor of art at University of Oregon where he teaches photography in the School of Art + Design. With an exacting sensitivity and lore of his craft, he is the author of ten books.

Bryony Lloyd

Bryony Lloyd is Managing Director of Antenne Books; a distributor for independent publishers, based in London, UK. Antenne Books specialises in photography publications, working with leading international photobook publishers. Antenne has been responsible for bringing established and emerging photographers’ publications to stores for almost a decade — always with a taste for the unique, compelling and relevant.

Tony Cederteg

Tony Cederteg is the founder and publisher of Libraryman. In addition to his commitments for Libraryman, Cederteg runs an art direction and design studio, which primarily works within fashion.


The Libraryman Award is supported by Göteborgstryckeriet and Arctic Paper.